Common Wisdom on Trolls

From the folk of Hoarsport

Gathered from meticulous research at the Hoarsport Tavern and Inn over several nights on which troll attacks allegedly occured:

  • Trolls look just like people, but is trolls.
  • Only trolls wear clothes.
  • Trolls always wear boots, to hide their troll feet.
  • Trolls still tell you to look at they feet, because trolls ain’t that smart.
  • Only trolls knock.
  • Trolls is decent folk, but would you want your daughter to marry one?
  • Trolls are exempt from taxes.
  • The Six Troll Bankers run the world.
  • Troll infestations are still better than gnome infestations, they don’t muck up your garden with their pointy hats.
  • The Baron is a troll, and won’t admit it.
  • If you kiss a troll, you become a troll.
  • If you refuse to kiss a troll, it curses you and you still become a troll.
  • Trolls like making nests out of shiny objects, so keep your coin purse hidden.
  • Trolls like to start tabs at the bar but never shows up to pay them off.
  • The only way to identify a troll, besides their feet, is to see if they sink in water.
  • People who don’t sink in water is witches.
  • Trolls like sneaking off with your menfolk, much like witches but different.
  • Trolls with two heads is wizards.
  • Troll wizards know three spells; smash, bash, slam, and crash.
  • If you cut off a Trolls toe, it grows into a whole new Troll.
  • The only way to kill a Troll is to cut off all their toes.
  • Trees are in fact just very old Trolls.
  • Trolls love to eat fish.
  • Trolls hate fishing, it bores ’em.



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